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    In the world of innovation, an idea has no value. Only the execution of the project holds value.
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  • You don't have time for your website ?
    We take care of the development of your web platform and its business specificities to allow you to focus on the development of your company.
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  • We take care of your IT vacancies
    Thanks to our experience, and our long-term and updated contacts in the IT domain, we are able to find you the right profile.
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Our Services

In the world of innovation, an idea has no value. Only the execution of the project holds value.

Responsive design

A team of designers mastering conception, prototyping, print and web by remaining faithful to your branding.


Careful attention to detail and clean, well structured code ensures a smooth user experience for all your visitors.


Neos is above all stemmed from its men’s experience, 20 years in IT services, leading projects as various as complexes.


We are able to quickly deliver and according to your initial needs thanks to our expertise and our experience.

Nowadays, for all kinds of companies, a web platform owns in most cases 80% of common features, and 20% of specificities linked to business. That is why we support you by developing to you your web platform with WordPress, exploiting the thousands of availables modules to quickly develop the common features of your platform. Our expert team develops thus only the specific features of your specifications to allow you to save a very important amount in the budget, while providing a result as precise as a specific development. Thanks to our expertise and our speed of execution, we are able to propose reduced-delay deliveries (4-6 weeks) at a moderate price, in order to develop your whole web platform, and to allow you to focus on the development of your company !
According to a survey from Capgemini (6th IT services company in the world), 75% of IT projects don’t unfold as expected. Neos addresses thus Entrepreneurs who wish to concretize their projects by the conception of a web and/or mobile solution. We intervene beside you from the Seed stage building your project, in order to make it an operational reality. Thanks to our agility, our experience compiling 25 years in the IT projects development in any sectors, and because we understand the requirements of a startup, we support you in the development of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of your product, in order to test it rapidly, and thus have the Product/Market fit. Are you leader of an innovative project ? Contact us !
Neos owns a wide range of long-term and updated contacts in the IT domain. With a fixed-price model, we can propose an efficient and qualified service, at a very competitive price, known in advance. How do we work to be so efficient ? We sign with you a none-exclusive contract mandating us your vacancies, and by committing us to a fixed price, if successful You send us your vacancies and your different needs via our “Request” process We seek and select applicants according to your requests, simultaneously, by respecting our quality process We send you the appliants list with CV, Description, Motivations, as well as our advices Of course, our corporate culture based on the result allow us to ensure our recruitments.


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Meet Our Team

a motivated and united team to transform your projects into success!
Member Photo

David Pinneau
Co-founder & Managing Director
Member Photo

Jonathan Lopez-Donato
Full Stack Developer & Project Leader
Member Photo

Arthur Scheiber
Full Stack Developer & Technical Leader
Member Photo

Julien Barthelemy
Designer Web and Print
Member Photo

Alexandre Claudon
Analyst Full Stack Developer
Member Photo

Nicolas Schaeffer
Member Photo

Gabriel Abreu Damaso
Full Stack Developer
Member Photo

Alex Gueval
Back-end developer
    For klin, NEOS could not come at a better time. Indeed we had to review from scratch our websites and the deliverables were very-well performed. On top of that, NEOS’s services are tailor-made for startups and SME so we can only recommend them. Last important point: the team is very friendly!
    Antoine H.
    Partner Klin.lu
    As I started my business, Neos helped me to develop a website of electronic petitions in just a few weeks, allowing me to validate my product / market fit in less than a quarter. Thank you very much !
    Eric Scarpino
    Managing Director
  • Neos has been able to quickly develop a behavioral tracking tool that really helped me in the development of my Emailing activities. Many thanks for the work done, and for the time I have saved.
    Thierry R.
    General Manager
  • We have been working with Neos's team for a long time (Before the creation of Neos), we always have been very satisfied. We can focus on our expertise and let Neos manage the development of the website.
    Jean-Louis COËDEL
    Manager at Stevimmac

Latest blog posts

in our posts, we do not just present the life of the company, we also offer our advice, our opinions or some reactions of the team to various topics.

Innovation and execution!

« If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. » - Henry Ford

Our Vision

The most important aspect of a project is not the idea, but the execution, thus transforming an idea into a concrete business. That is why Neos supports Entrepreneurs in building their innovative project by developing with them a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in order to test their solution, to obtain as quickly as possible their Product/Market fit. In touch with thousands of computer scientists since many years, Neos has also the ability to help companies of all sizes in their selection and recruitment processes in the IT domain.

Our History

Neos is above all stemmed from the experience of its men. After more than 20 years of experience in IT services, leading projects as various as complexes, we always remained at the forefront of information technology. Neos’s history has started in 2015 by creating the initial structure in France, Jet’Web, with the ambition of helping JEIs, startups, or Entrepreneurs to transform an idea, a concept, into an operational reality. It’s in 2017 that Neos decided to locate in Luxembourg, at the crossroads of Europe, and a country with an outlook to the future.

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