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Neos is a Tech Enabler.
We are a technical accelerator specialized in execution.

Passionate about innovation and technologies, our purpose is to enable Entrepreneurs, Startups & larger Companies to execute their technological projects.

Whether you are a startup looking to build/consolidate quickly a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), or a larger company that needs to accelerate on the development of its projects, Neos enables you to execute on the implementation.


" In the world of innovation, an idea has limited to no value. Only the execution of a clear vision, mission and goal makes the difference. To do this, as a technical enabler we analyse the business challenge, we design an implement the optimal technologies to nurture innovation.
Our specialty: breaking down the barriers to success "

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Henry Ford

Our services
  • Web & Mobile
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Data Factory
  • IT Recruitment
  • Startup Studio
Our services

Web & Mobile

As true vectors of innovation, we have built up expertise in the development of tailor-made, native and cross-platform Web and Mobile applications.
Today, we master a wide range of technologies, both on the Web and on Mobile, which allows us to deploy optimized applications adapted to various business sectors.
We manage all the links in the chain of the realization of a web and/or mobile solution.

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AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning has existed for many years but its use was only reserved for certain categories of companies because the computing power needed was not available and many did not yet have enough data to train algorithms.
With the advent of big data, computing power is no longer a real problem and there are impressive amounts of data available in open-source on the Internet to increase the company's samples. It is no longer necessary to produce the data yourself and when databases do not exist, it is quite easy to create them with a little mischief and the appropriate tools.
Neos supports you throughout the entire chain, from the study to the integration into your information system, always working with agility to enable you to measure the value acquired for your company at each step.

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Data Factory

We have developed the "Data Factory" service combining technological tools developed by Neos as well as an innovative working methodology to build or enrich your data inherent to your CRM and / or your databases dedicated to your activities, and this, all sectors of activity combined. Moreover, in order to be able to engage Machine Learning (AI), it is also essential to have a wealth of rich data.

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IT Recruitment

Thanks to our more than 25 years of experience in the IT field and our direct network of more than 7000+ IT specialists, the Neos team has a very wide range of long-term relationships allowing us to respond effectively and quickly to our customers’ expectations.

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Startup Studio

We transform ideas into startups that matter. To make them real, we create new projects, we invest our technology, our finance and our production to create the product and launch the first business. After proving the growth, we create new independent startups with a new management and we raise funds (if necessary) to develop the business.

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