Startup Studio and MVP for Equity

Startup studio

We transform ideas into startups that matter. To make them real, we create new projects, we invest our technology, our finance and our production to create the product and launch the first business. After proving the growth, we create new independent startups with a new management and we raise funds (if necessary) to develop the business.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we help entrepreneurs to develop their company by investing our technology in their company in return for equity.

MVP for Equity / CTO for Equity

After studying your application, for a combination of liquidity and equity, Neos will be able to develop your company’s MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in a few weeks. This offer allows us to invest in promising companies and products while helping to keep low start-up costs. We can combine an MVP for Equity and a Development in a service contract to limit your risks and costs, and help you to build your success story.

We help you

  • To define the scope of your product and identify the most suitable features and technologies
  • To create wireframes to help you visualizing your product
  • To create your MVP and how to scale it into the future
  • To develop it

We do not help you

  • To raise funds
  • To market your business

Your MVP in 6 weeks!

No matter which model you choose, we commit to deliver your product in a few weeks after analysis.

Here is the timeline which applies to most products we develop:

Week 1

We create with you the wireframes of the entire product for the MVP version. Once the wireframes are completed and approved, we start on interface design. Our designer and project manager work closely with you to ensure that the interface meets your vision.

Week 2

We finish the interface designs and we start the development process by the Frond-end development.

Week 3-4-5

We develop your MVP by updating you as frequently as possible. We share with you and we validate all processes together. We respect the schedule created in the project plan (depending on your possible changes under development)

Week 6-x

Tests and minor revisions.

Project launch!

Depending of our agreements, we be able to help you to launch and scale your business!